Day Camp Campers

Registration Forms are all online. See Home Page for Link. Camp Kindle Day Camp (CKDC) will be held annually in Santa Clarita, California. This free program will serve children, ages 5-12, who primarily reside in the Santa Clarita Valley and face life challenges due to serious illnesses, disabilities, or challenges. Funded partly through a grant from the Boston Scientific’s Charitable Foundation, we are able to offer this program at no cost to its participants or their families. We are excited to foster the minds of our campers through planned activities emphasizing the importance of math, science, music, and art. Additionally, each child will be paired with a one-on-one “Companion Counselor” that will provide the support and guidance they need to have a rewarding summer camp experience! CKDC will offer a medically and emotionally supportive environment for each of its participants. This program will help each child find positive meaning in their life by making friends, having fun, and sharing hopes with others confronting similar circumstances. Additionally, this camp will help primary caregivers by providing respite and necessary time for themselves.
For more information about CKDC contact [email protected] or 877.800.2267

Resident Camp Campers

Campers are either infected with HIV or AIDS or have an infected sibling, parent or primary caregiver. Camper may also qualify if they have lost a sibling, parent or primary caregiver from this disease. Camp Kindle does not break up the family unit. We offer this camp at no expense to the youth in the family, this includes the cost of travel and/or other necessities. We will serve up to 100 young people per full week session. All potential participants must have an application completed. Camp Kindle accepts applications year round.

Campers ages 7-12

These campers participate in the traditional camping experience. Each camper will be put into a cabin unit of four to eleven other children their age. Here they will focus on working together as a team to accomplish many goals through the week of camp. Their program is mostly about having fun and just being able to “be a kid.” Some emphasis will be made on character and leadership building as well as health education.

Campers ages 13-15

These are our Leaders In Training (or LITs). Along with traditional camp activities, these campers will focus a lot more on what it means to become a leader and how to develop the traits they currently possess to be a good role model in their home, school and community. At camp, they will participate in team building activities, lead campfires as well as attend LIT education each day. They will be expected to act as role models towards the younger campers.
When campers reach the age of 15 years old, it is understood that this is their last year as a camper at Camp Kindle. Each camper who is 15 years old at camp will participate in a “graduation” from Camp Kindle at the end of the week. After this time, it is required that these former campers take one year off of Camp Kindle before applying to become Counselors In Training.

Counselors In Training

We have a Counselor In Training (or CIT) program in place at Camp Kindle. This program is for young adults age 16-18 years old who are interested in one day becoming a Camp Kindle counselor or staff member.
These individuals work one on one with a younger cabin and pair of counselors to learn how the counselor and/or staff positions of Camp Kindle work. They also participate in training classes with the CIT Directors daily. This position is not open to just any person. These individuals have expressed a deep interest in developing the skills needed to become a counselor. CITs must apply, interview and be accepted into the program. Each summer, 6 CIT Girls and 6 CIT boys will be accepted for each summer session (California and Nebraska). Please use the CIT Application for this program. The CIT application will be available in January.